"What's an Atra?"

   -a stripper named Brandie


   -most people I meet

"I have seen her before and remembered her."

   - Around The Town Chicago


is a comedian, actor, improviser and writer from Chicago. She loves getting to make people laugh while performing in The Second City e.t.c.'s 43rd revue, Grinning From Fear To Fear. Other places she performs: iO Chicago (Lil' Tooties & Whirled News Tonight), Lookingglass, The Paper Machete, and more...

"...keep your eye on Asdou, an especially smart and funny performer."

   -  The Chicago Tribune


The Second City
e.t.c.'s 43rd revue: Grinning From Fear To Fear
Original Sketch
A Poodle In People Clothes
Renee LA Indie
Renee (original short film) is selected at L.A. Indie Fest.
Chicago MED
Dr. Spaghetti
Sketch written by Becca Barish
Open TV Q&A
Renee (short film) debut at Open TV's summer series.
iO Comedy Network
Hematoma Rasputin
On Set
Of the comedy film Love in the Time of Irony
Chicken Dinner
Video Sketch



Dr. Spaghetti

Sketch written by Becca Barish

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